Mrs. Bowers 5th Grade Class

Mrs. Bowers 5th Grade Class

Ecosystem Projects


Your final project is due on Thursday, November 18th

EcoFair- Friday, November 19th

 At our Ecosystem Fair on Friday, November 19th you will be giving an ORAL PRESENTATION… be sure that you know everything about your ecosystem that is on your display.  You will be asked to summarize the sections of your ecosystem that you designed and researched. 

The first thing I should see is a LARGE CLEAR TITLE for your whole project at the top of the display board (tri-fold board).

SECTIONS: You will need to include 6 sections on your display board:

You must have a section on the following:

 1.  Overall description of your ecosystem

2.  Animal life

3.  Plant life

4.  Interdependence (how the living things depend on each other for survival)

**The other two (2) sections that you include on your poster/project are your choice… interesting things you researched or learned about your ecosystem.**

you need to have 2 items on display…

  • One item should be a creative item (model) that you made or spent a lot of time designing or putting together
  • The other item can be a basic item such as fake (toy) insects surrounding the display or stuffed animals surrounding the display or hanging from the sides.
  • Live animals are allowed and count as one display, but must be caged and a parent must escort them to and from school.
  • You may also make a word search/crossword puzzle containing words that pertain to your particular ecosystem.  (you will want to make about 75-100 copies for the Eco-fair)… you can use the following website to design your word search/crossword puzzle….

Example Ideas:

1. If you are researching caves, you could design a cave with a display of animal figures found in and around the cave.

2. If you are researching islands, you could design a volcano.

3. If your project is on mountains, you could design a mountain with a display of plants and animals found in and around mountains. 


  • You may choose to have giveaways that pertain to your ecosystem to give to students that visit your project at the Eco-fair… examples: spider rings, fish pencil, stickers, erasers etc.

“Suggested Timeline”

September 16th – October 1st  
Research Plant and Animal Life.  Type or handwrite very neatly and save them for your final product. 

October 1st – Oct.18th
Research Interdependence, and create an overall description of your Ecosystem.  Type or handwrite very neatly and save them for your final product. 

Oct. 18th – Nov. 5th
Complete Choice sections … interesting things you researched or learned about your ecosystem.  Some other section ideas include but are not limited to people, insects, foods, facts, and pollution. Type or handwrite very neatly and save them for your final product. 

November 5th – November 12th
Complete your two required display items.  (See project details handout for ideas.) 

November 12th-18th 
Finalize all parts of the project, tape or glue sections onto display board.  Finalize display items and put together the final product to be presented at our Ecofair.  Also consider any giveaway items you may choose to include and have them prepared for the Ecofair.  Practice your oral presentation with family and friends at home.

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